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We are a leading 24 hour emergency local in Bristol and the surrounding areas.


We cover all types of security, ranging from domestic locks to commercial access control systems.


We can guarantee a ‘no call out charge’ policy and over 20 years of expertise in locks.

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Our Latest Projects


You find yourself in an emergency, in front of a closed door of your house, your keys have been stolen or your lock has been picked, your old lock has broken or you have just moved to a new home. To ensure the complete safety of your property, you need to replace the lock as soon as possible to not make it become easy prey for robbers especially if this lock is cheap and the mechanism easy to pick.

Replacing the main lock is a job that should only be entrusted to experienced professionals. Our locksmiths provide 24/7 emergency lock opening and replacement services in all areas of London, and they always have all the necessary supplies and tools. Within 25 minutes after the call, a specialist will be at your place, he will advise and help you choose the option that suits you in terms of cost and reliability.

Today the most popular service is the replacement of padlocks or mortise locks. We perform replacement of any type of locks for different doors, it does not matter whether it is an entrance door or just a bedroom door.

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