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We are a leading 24 hour emergency local in Bristol and the surrounding areas.


We cover all types of security, ranging from domestic locks to commercial access control systems.


We can guarantee a ‘no call out charge’ policy and over 20 years of expertise in locks.

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We provide a wide range of different locks and keys services in London including key dublication for all types of electronic and mechanical locks, both the most modern and already out of production. Keys, like locks and doors, ensure the security of your house, so they must be made of durable material that is not exposed to water, corrosive environments, or mechanical damage to keep you safe.

You have lost your key? Can't open or close the lock because the key is broken? Or you would like to dublicate the key? Our local craftsmen, who are always nearby, will help you to solve all these problems in a matter of minutes. They have all the necessary professional equipment to carry out the work.

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Key duplication is one of the most popular services today. Call us now to get the best prices. Our operator will direct the nearest master to you. We cover all areas of London, so the average arrival of a master is 20-25 minutes.